Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson quits top post of IIAS


By : Mohan Verma

Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi Gopalkrishna Gandhi today quit the top post of Indian Institute of Advanced Study after BJP leader Narendra Modi was elected for the Prime Minister’s post.

Spokesman of IIAS told media that Mr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi who was the chairman of Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Shimla and Kalakshetra in Chennai, resigned from both posts on Wednesday.

Though Mr. Gandhi did not cite any reason for quitting of this post but it came when the President Pranab Mukherjee invited Narendra Modi to take oath as country’s 14th Prime Minister.

Mr. Gandhi, a former administrator and diplomat, said that the move was “in keeping with the convention that is followed during a change of government.”

Mr. Gandhi, Former, Governor of West Bengal,  administrator and diplomat, said the move had given a open letter to Mr. Modi which appeared verbatim in section of print media and website.

However, the move came days after Gandhi wrote an open letter in a national daily, saying he was among those who did not want to see Modi as the prime minister. In the letter, Gandhi said, “While many millions are ecstatic that you will become Prime Minister, many more millions may, in fact, be disturbed, greatly disturbed by it.”

Talking to media, spokesman of IIAS Dr. Anurag Thakur said that Mr. Gandhi was holding this post for last 4 and half years during this period he took the institutions in leap forward as Tagore chair was set up in the institute and South Asian Country Regional Center was established here.

He said that there is confirmation of Mr. Gandhi’s resignation with the institute so far.

However, his resignation comes on the heels of Justice Leila Seth who resigned as chairperson of the advisory board to the National Library in Kolkata. Mr. Gandhi was Governor of West Bengal from 2007-2009.

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