Ajay Sharma to present paper on “Nuke Fission” in international conference at US


By : Mohan Verma

Shimla town based Physicists and Assistant Director of State Education Mr. Ajay Sharma would present paper on “Nuke Fission” in an international conference to be held in USA in Texas San Antonio.

Speaking to media Mr. Sharma informed that 23rd International Conference convened on the subject of “Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry” would be organized jointly by University of North Texas, Los Alamos Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories on 25 May 2014.

In this conference Mr. Sharma would present his paper on the theme of “Relativistic mass of secondary neutrons in fission and fragments in fusion”, in our “Nuclear Physics – Nuclear Fission” session.

Mr. Sharma is likely to highlight the outcome of his fresh study on the fission reaction which occurs inside the atom or nucleus as many products reproduced in the complex process are moving out with different velocities.

“In the calculations the mass of products is regarded as less. Thus mathematically energy emitted will be more. However, according to theory of relativity the mass of some products increases. Thus if correct mass of products is taken then lesser energy must be emitted.” Mr. Sharma work shows this.

It is believed that in 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosion of atom bombs means Einstein’s equation E=mc2 is completely justified. But this perception is incorrect. In explosion of atom bomb, energy emitted was found less experimentally. But this fact was kept secret by US administration and scientific bodies for 20 years.

Probably to get military mileage that they understand the phenomenon well, but in fact it was not the case.

Ajay Sharma is working on basic laws of physics since past 32 years on his own expenses. He has published over 45 research papers in international journals and has been invited to over 85 international conferences to present his papers. He has presented his paper personally in USA and England.

Mr. Sharma’s book ‘Beyond Einstein and E=mc2 ‘ is being published from USA. It will be available in market in July 2014 and may have 500-525 pages. The manuscript of the book has been approved by experts for publication after critical study of 10 months.

This book discusses various topics on nuclear physics, theory of relativity and a new theory of origin of universe. Ajay Sharma’s book ‘Beyond Newton and Archimedes’ has been published in 2013.

Indian edition of book is made available on amazon.in. In the book the oldest established principle has been generalized.

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