Himachal’s oldest voter, wife cast vote


Himachal Pradesh’s oldest voter, Shyam Saran Negi, 97, and his wife casted their votes on Wednesday in Kinnaur district.

Mr. Negi said, “This time again I have not missed an opportunity to cast my valuable vote.”

Kinnaur is the part of Mandi Lok Sabha constituency, which is one of the biggest in the country.

The nonagenarian appealed to the voters that they should exercise their franchise and hand over the reins of the government to an honest leader who could end corruption and check price rise.

His wife Hira Mani, also accompanied him to the polling booth, almost a kilometer away from his house.

The couple was among the first to vote, said an election official.

Retired as a teacher from a government school in 1975, Mr. Negi was among the first to vote in independent India’s first Lok Sabha battle in October 1951 in Chini constituency – later renamed Kinnaur.

At that time, balloting in the snow-bound area was held ahead of other places in the state and the country.

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