Virbhadra Singh addresses election rallies in Kangra district


While addressing election rallies at Thural and Fared in district Kangra in favor of congress parliamentary candidate Chander Kumar from Kangra Constituency, Chief Minister, Virbhadra Singh said that, “Shanta has not done anything extraordinary for the state that could be remembered.” He said that he was a ‘poet’ not a ‘politician’ and always remains in his thoughts.

“Though BJP veteran leader Shanta Kumar is a good human being and refined personality but has fallen prey to the tactics of his party colleagues at this stage of his political carrier”, said the chief Minister.

He said that his foes in BJP played their game and projected Shanta Kumar as a Lok Sabha candidate in current elections but Shanta being a man, who thinks on single line failed to understand the strategy of his opponents with his party.

He said that BJP was seeking votes in name of Narinder Modi forgetting that there was no policy and programme of an individual but it was for the party as a whole. He said the BJP leaders in the state were projecting Narinder Modi, an individual, as a party which seemed astonishing perhaps. Chief Minister said that only that party will come to power which will get maximum mandate of the people.

He reminded the people about the Gujarat riots in which many people from the minority community were killed during the regime of BJP under the chief ministership of Narinder Modi. The Chief Minister cautioned the people to be aware of such communal forces and exhorted the people to vote in favor of Congress candidate Chander Kumar. He said Congress was a party which ensures overall and balanced development and care for each and every person.

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