“Don’t use Kinner name for the transgender” : Kinnaur tribe


By : Mohan Verma

The tribal people from Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh have again taken a strong exception to the use of word ‘Kinner’ for the transgender and eunuchs by some media organisations after the Supreme Court’s judgement of recognizing them as the third gender, on Tuesday. The tribals of Kinnaur welcomed the historical decision of the court but strongly resented the use of word ‘Kinner’ which was used for the highlanders of various tribal communities residing in the high mountains.

Tribal leader S.R. Harnot in a statement said that the Supreme Court has not used the word ‘Kinner’ in its 111 page judgement but some media organisations have again preferred to call them as Kinners instead of using the words like transgender or third gender. Calling it this way is an insult to the tribal people and their culture. Mr. Harnot has even referred to Wikipedia links where the word has been consigned to the residents of Kinnaur district in the Himalayas. He has requested the media to not use the word Kinner for the eunuchs as it is hurting the sentiments of innocent tribal here.

The Himachal Vidhan Sabha had also passed a resolution earlier condemning the wrongful use of word for the transgenders.

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