”Modi hype like El-Nino” : Yechury


Equating BJP’s PM pick Narendra Modi’s hype with climatic factor ‘El-Nino’, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and Rajya Sabha CPI(M) MP Sita Ram Yechury on Thursday alleged that there would be no change in the economic policy.

“It can create heat in national polity like ‘El-Nino’ effect as this hype is posing a challenging social harmony,” he said while addressing CPI(M) election rally at sabji mandi ground in support of its candidate Jagat Ram for Shimla parliamentary constituency which will go to polls on May 7. ‘El-Nino effects come after cycle of 12 yrs causing global warming and also bringing the destruction with it. Similarly, Modi hype would bring another suffering to people as party’s policy would be equally worst than UPA” he commented in the rally.

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