Shanta Kumar pulls up Congress for keeping silence over black haven


By : Mohan Verma

BJP stalwart and Former Union Minister Shanta Kumar pulled Congress party for keeping long silence over the issue of black haven in foreign banks, assuring to bring this back after formation of NDA government in the center.

Addressing media persons at Shimla on Tuesday, Mr. Kumar released a document based on Swiss magazine which cited former prime minister Late Rajiv Gandhi having a bank account.

“Hasan Ali who had Rs. 1 lakh 34 thousand crore in ten bank accounts in swiss bank has stated that all money in his foreign account belongs to leader of Congress party,” Mr. Shanta alleged.

“Including former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, some heads of the state have been charged by the magazine for keeping huge amount as black
haven in swiss banks,” BJP leader said, making exposure that Mr. Gandhi had about Rs. 13,200 crore in the swiss banks.

However, Congress leaders had denied of these accounts. BJP leader asked by cross questioning the ruling party in the center that if the article published wrongly named Mr. Gandhi for keeping foreign account, then why Congress did not come forward to slap libel case against the magazine, which also published the photographs of Mr. Singh along with number of other international leaders.

Mr. Shanta also released a copy of this magazine in press conference containing picture of Mr. Gandhi along with others.

The government of India was among two hundred nations which had been ratified among the UN Convention against corruption, Mr. Kumar said that this has provision to take back the black money stashed in swiss bank.

Including US, 20 nations had taken back this illicit money kept inside swiss bank but India despite having 30 lakh 20 thousand crore never pressed to follow UN intervention today people like Congress to answer.

After coming to power Modi government would be able to bring back this amount, BJP leader said alleging that it is coming back in form of FDI via Mauritius route.

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev had convinced BJP prime ministerial candidate Narinder Modi to bring back the black haven back as former had been
launching crusader for past one year.

Mr. Kumar was on two day tour of Shimla and Mandi parliamentary segment for canvassing of BJP candidate Virender Kashyap and Ram
Swarup, respectively.

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