Social Justice Committee of MC taken cognizance of atrocities against Dalit woman : Himachal Pradesh


By : Mohan Verma

Social Justice Committee (SJC) of Municipal Corporation Shimla headed by Deputy Mayor Tekinder Singh Panwar had taken cognizance of atrocities being committed against a Dalit woman who was killed in the outskirts of this capital town after ramming her naked under a vehicle.

Addressing media persons, Mr. Panwar said that six members team of SJC had taken suo-moto action as 21 years old woman named Chitra who had one month and 15 days baby recently, was murdered brutally after ramming her under a vehicle in naked condition.

He said that team comprising of two women members visited the spot recently and interviewed more than 26 people including the victims family and her relatives who presented different story of incident, while the matter was being brushed aside as mere incident of heresy under the pressure of some flash trade racket involved in the crime against Dalit women.

A seven page report compiled by the SJC after visiting the spot was sealed yesterday in front of media, to hand over it to Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh high court demanding probe under the HC scanner as all the members of committee were not satisfied with the findings of police in the matter which is of grave concern.

The crime seemed some systematic revelations as two suicides had occurred in the same cottage where the deceased woman had been reportedly pushed to prostitution according to eye witnesses. Mr. Panwar said that the story of heresy seemed planted and cooked up by the police for the attention of this team, who intervened immediately to it and visited the spot.

He said that the concerned aganwari worker had been directed by the committee to look after one month and 15 days baby of deceased regularly after weighing its weight.

Since the SJC had taken cognizance of the matter on the late stage, therefore, it did not like to effect police investigation at this stage as it would bring the report in front of Chief Justice so that it could be probed from other angles too.

Deputy Mayor said that all the members of committee would meet with Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh high court today with the report of their finding and demand probe of this murder under supervision and monitoring of HC.

He said that SJC had power to take action into atrocity against any women and Dalit under section 13 of Social Justice Act 1957 within MC limit and police station falling under jurisdiction.

Mr. Panwar said that it was first case of atrocity against the woman and Dalit before it, since inception of this commitee in 1994.

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