Newly constructed cement plant affecting people in Himachal


By : Mohan Verma

Hundreds of farmers who were affected by coming of cement plant in Mangal gram panchayat of Solan district were staging protest outside the Arki SDM office from last few days.

Villagers were staging dharna and hunger strike over the alleged demand that cement plant ruined the villagers as M/s. J.P. Associate dumped illegal muck into their habitation, cultivating land thereby causing massive devastation due to subsequent running of debris in the fields.

Himachal Pradesh high court passed order to remove muck and asked the district administration to comply with its order. Villagers allegedly reported that district administration was unable to force the firm to remove muck dumped in the villages and the land of people who were not protesting against the district administration.

The firm is considered heavy weight as it also owns cement plants, two power plants each about 1500 mw, and a university. The cement firms enjoyed the patronage of successive Congress and BJP government as they seldom force it to comply with the menace it created at the construction site.

High court had slapped a fine of Rs. 100 crore on the firm for violating environment norms and constructing illegal thermal power plant at Behgari in Solan district.

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