Madan Lal ‘retired hurt’; Congress now finds reason in Narinder Thakur



Shimla: Contest for the Hamirpur Parliamentary constituency is proving quite a thriller even before all the contestants enter the ring. All attention seems to be on this constituency as little or no campaigning news has been coming in from the other three constituencies. And why not, Hamirpur has attained the status of a celebrity constituency with the Chief Minister having direct stakes in the poll result as he would take all measures to ensure victory for his son Anurag Thakur. But for the time being all the action is happening on the other side with the Congress springing up surprise after surprise. The latest being that former cricketer Madan Lal has been declared ‘retired hurt, and in his place Narinder Thakur would bat for the party.

Surprisingly, quite a lot action happened in a single day for Congress on Thursday as first party spokesman Kuldeep Rathore at a media briefing reiterated that Madan Lal was the ‘official’ candidate for Hamirpur parliamentary seat, and later in the evening news trickled in that the party high command has changed its decision in favour of Narinder Thakur. A few days earlier, the District Youth Congress members had resigned enmass when Madan Lal’s candidature was announced. In between there were also rumours that the Congress may rope in Bollywood actress of Himachali origin, Preity Zinta, to contest against Anurag Thakur, but she did not appear to have shown interest.

Madan Lal, though having all the right contacts in Delhi, failed to convince the electorates about his Himachali origin, and was attacked by the BJP even before he visited Himachal, having been called a tourist.

At the end of the whole drama, if it has really ended, one thing that is clear is that the Congress house is not fighting the elections united. Madan Lal’s candidature had invited initial criticism with some leaders stating that few partymen were trying to help Dhumal by fielding a weak candidate against Anurag Thakur. Opposing Madan Lal’s candidature, former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh even named people who were instrumental in getting him the ticket.

Narinder Thakur may actually prove a good rival to Anurag Thakur, given his support base in Hamirpur and BJP background, but that alone will not be enough to ensure victory for him if the party is to remain divided. All in all, Hamirpur is adding enough colour to electioneering in the state, something not very common in Himachal.

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  1. Only matter of interest here in Hamirpur election is the margin by which the Congress will loose. Hopefully Narinder Thakur can bridge this gap to something respectable!


    Dhumal chapter will get closed soon after may 16th 2009. As his son will loose in his home distric. Moreover we the people of Himachal will get rid of this corrupt family. History repeats once upon a time a person was bigger than any party in these areas he was Thakur Jagdev Chand, Narinder Thakur will win and with a respectable margin.

  3. I would like to request Mr Rai Bhadur Katoch to stop day dreaming and do some ground work to ensure the victory of BJP's traitor (NARINDER THAKUR) for his own interests.

  4. Anurag thakhur is very talented and he is the sitting MP not due to Dhumal but due to his own efficiency. He is a far much better candidate than any of 4 canditates of congress even better than virbhadra singh. Even virbhadra is in tough fight. if he will not go in a stragetic manner he may face the music of defeat in a tough election as his tenure was joblless. Dhumal atleast is providing jobs in many sectors on contract basis. contract base is not bad as more than three times will get jobs as compared to regular posts and moreover these are like regular post , exam. conducted by HPPSC and salary is also not bad. I am not a worker of any party, still my analysis reveals that youth will support BJP.

  5. I think we should try a new candidate to curve the high headedness of these corrupt politicians,there should not be one man business at all.Rest, you people can decide,I am not going to vote for these guys.

  6. Friends

    Gone through the various views about Mr. Dhumal and his family viz a viz Mr. Jagdev and his Son .

    Its a known and established fact that politics is passing through a bad phase , where everything is eyewash . Many of our Politicians Fight and work for their individual means.

    A few cases are

    Our Govt is cheating the civilisations to come by "Non appointment of qualified Teachers " BJP appoints their workers as "Vidya Upasak " and Cong goes for Para Teachers / PTA etc.


    Another one

    The mission to provide good roads to the state was started in 2005 with the Grant in aid based loan system from WB , even today after 4 years of ground work The foundation stone has not been laid for works under Phase 1. e.g Ghumarwin Sarkaghat Road.


    Himachal has the best stuff of students but our politicians kept snails pace while it come to opening of World class Medical colleges. Even considering climate of the state we may get good success in Medical Tourism BUT only once we succeed by opening world class Health institutions of high repute.


    Every CM claims about increase in Support prices for Apple /citrus Fruit …. Is there any concrete plan to promote fruit based Industry in either of the sector ….

    Today our fruit growers being cheated by so called Dalal's of Ajadpur Mandi in Delhi ???????????

    Supplies of apple comes to Himachal from Delhi whereas we Produce it in H.P …. What a pitty….?????????

    So friends ???????


    Therefore "DHUMAL FAMILY" will survive by befooling intellectuals and rewarding selfish people in and arround their inner circle.

    JAI HO

  7. Indeed it's a debatable issue…. as on date every other politician is tainted one and all are hands in gloves with their rival politicians but their projected profiles are different, as they think that today's Gen-next can be befooled easily. But, saturatiuon is coming slowly and stedily in today's youth and lets hope for a fresh +ve revolution.


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