Outsourcing firm selected candidates arbitrarily : Maheshwar Singh


By : Mohan Verma

An outsourcing firm in this hill state had given placement to about 67 candidates from one place arbitrarily, this matter was figured in the question hour in state legislative assembly on Tuesday.

Agriculture Minister Sujan Singh Pathania accepted that outsourcing agency who had been given the contract to fill up 76 posts in Himachal Pradesh marketing and processing corporation has recruited most of the persons from Chopal area of Shimla district.

Raising the issue, Maheshwar Singh alleged that recruitment process was errant as most of the placements were done from particular assembly segment which could not be allowed to arbitrarily recruit the people.

Asha Kumari of Congress asked that how government appointed the firm for placement. Minister said that firms have been selected as it has given minimum bids amount 39 firms.

He said that under the outsourcing 30 marketing executives, 40 multipurpose workers, seven utility workers were recruited. He said that government was offering payment of Rs. 12 857, Rs. 10446 and Rs. 7514 respectively to three cadres employees while firms were further giving salary of Rs. 8500, Rs. 6500 and Rs. 4500 to employees.

Minister said that state agency had spent Rs. 23,68,182 on these employees while it had increased its income by Rs. 7 crore after their recruitment which shows that recruitment was in favour of marketing agencies.

He, however, assured the members that during similar process in future, recruitment would be done uniformly from all parts of the state.

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