Opposition boycott question hours; disruption prevails in HP Assembly


Disruption prevailed in Himachal Pradesh Assembly for the second time today as it boycotted question hours disrupting proceeding. As the question hour was over it also staged walk out.

As the house commenced for day seating today, member of opposition sought suo-moto action over the alleged remark made by Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh outside the house against the members of opposition yesterday.

Raising  issue , Suresh Bhardwaj (BJP chief whip) pointed out in the house that by mentioning them ‘bounded labour’ was not against the dignity of leader of opposition Mr. Dhumal but it is derogatory against the member of this house.

Depicting the matter of corruption charges against CM, most of young members of BJP turn up in the house wearing apron containing cartoon of Vakamulla with apple trees laden and showering down currency notes.

Directing the opposition member to stop showing such material in the house, Speaker Brij Behari Lal Butail stated that it is against the rule of the house. He said that they should not waste the precious time of house and also warned the member to go outside the house if they want to depict externious materiel to score the points.

Failing to relent the opposition, Speaker asked the members to take questions which were completed amid boycott of opposition members, who continue sloganeering on their seat. As the question hour ends opposition agitated staged walkout from the house.

Soon after the walkout, Speaker cautioned BJP members to not display the objectionable matters in the house stating that rules did not permit them to depict such material in the house.

Chief Minister replied that he did not hurt any members of opposition as he never called them ‘bounded labour’.  He sought expunging of derogatory slogans and remarks made by opposition.

Mr. Singh said that he had himself demanded CBI probe against such allegations. I had filed defamation suit against the both sons of former Chief Minister P. K. Dhumal, Mr. Anurag Thakur and Mr. Arun Dhumal and leader of opposition in Rajaya Sabha Arun Jaitely. They were raising this matter in the house but they have no guts to raise such issue outside the house.

Mr. Singh said that every member of house has rights to raise their issues in the house but it should be under the parliamentary procedure and rule.

Speaker stated that media should not report any slogans raised by the opposition members during the protest as the matter is sub-judice and as rule govern this house does not allow to mention and discuss the issue pending in the court.

They should adopt restrains while reporting such protest as it would be crime against the people who want to raise their issue in the house, moreover, it denigrate the image of house in eye and mind of people, who want from the member in the August house to discuss their issues rather than indulging in frequent disruption.

“I warned the member of opposition to not overrule the ruling of chair nor bring objectionable externous material as Assembly is not entity to entertain such issue. I instruct those member who were raising such materiel in the house and latter walkout as it is against the dignity of this Augustus house, moreover, such protest also subvert its routine business.” Chair said give ruling over the protest.

He warned the agitation opposition to amend their behavior in the house, “if it would continue, action should be taken against the member but we would be in pain if we will be forced to take action against our colleagues who have also got mandate like us to raise their issue in the house.”

Parliamentary affairs Minister Mukesh Agnihotri said that opposition also wasted the valuable time of the house as it also boycotted Governors address yesterday. Seeking stringent action against the member of opposition Mr. Agnihotri said that house convened to pass the budget and also clear number of legislation are being deliberately disrupted by the opposition. He demanded the chair to ask them to behave in the house as they were flouting the rules of house by disrupting the proceeding, staging walk out, bring objectionable material etc.

Latter speaker order the house to take thanks motion on Governor address which was introduced by Sanjay Rattan of Congress of Jawalmukhi speaking for motion. The discussion on the thanks motion was continue in the house.

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