Reason behind fire still under probe : Satish Lamba


Principal Auditor General of Himachal AG office Satish Lamba, told media today that probe would be conducted to find out the reason of fire as 60 rooms of top two floors of AG office housed in Gorton Castle building gutted down today.

He said that fire might be broken out after 0230 to 0300 hours as AG employees were busy to refill the central heating system with diesel fuel. He expressed sadness that heritage building was gutted along with entire records, furniture and documents of AG office but the ground floor was saved.

He said that fire destroyed entire records of pensioners, administration and GPF etc including his own chamber. He said that five guards deployed in the office initially tried to douse down the inferno by their own but they could not succeed.

The reason of fire would be found out after the probe of this mishap and what was reason behind it. If this mishap is a part of any conspiracy it would become clear about the probe report.

Meanwhile, defying administration order to not enter in the premises turned into ember of fire, some employees braving the flames managed to bring three server of AG contained detail of pensioner employees. Beside this they also evacuated massive records.

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