Gorton castle and AG office building gutted in devastating fire


British Raj day historic Gorton castle and present Audit & Accountant General office of Himachal Pradesh was gutted in devastating fire which broke out at 0400 hours this morning.

Deputy Commissioner Shimla Dinesh Malhotra said that fire tenders of civil and army were pressed into service to douse down the inferno broke out at early morning which could not brought under control so far.

He said that fire broke out at the top floor which spread out shortly as it was glutted with paper works which intensified the inferno.

He said that fire tenders were still fighting to bring it under control but efforts were not immediately succeeded to bring it under control as this building is massive. Raj day building was one of ancient relic and heritage constructions renown as Gorton Castle.

Sources said that most of record of AG and CAG were reportedly burnt down in the devastating fire. The records pertains to the vital information about the state of affairs in this hill state which is equal to loss as it was preparing the CAG reports likely to be laid in forth coming assembly budget session of Himachal Pradesh. More details are awaited.

Fire call centers sources revealed that fire possibly broke out last midnight and was not informed by the AG office staff. A call was received from taxi stand at 0335 hours at fire control rooms and alerted the entire administration, the infernos were coming out of the building after that fire tenders rushed to spot.

So far eight fire tenders were pressed to control the fire but it could not brought under control. The huge flames and smoke was coming out of building, still visible from nearby places.

The building was carved out of mixed architecture Gothic and Rajasathani style. It was one of the few structures which was safe for so long as most of others Raj day building including nearby Railway Buildings and Kandy house building had already engulfed by the inferno in the past.

This fire would definitely is a blur in the face of Shimla as it was adding its ancient glory and beauty.

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