Protest against tree cutting near Dharamshala


In the wake of cutting of green trees on Dharamshala-Bagli and Dharamshala-Gaggal roads, local residents came on roads to protect the environment.

More than 100 people came out on roads along with school students. The protest against cutting of trees was enthralling, the people participated with great enthusiasm.

The story began when Anupama and Manshi, environmental activists from Palampur went deep in the matter. They went to the place, spoke to the local people and traced out the idea that, there was a need of cutting very few trees, as they were causing traffic hazards, and had also caused accidents in the past.

However, there is absolutely no need for cutting most of the 106 trees that have been cut. They added that the trees are more than hundred years old. They are huge trees and quiet picturesque, adding to the beauty to the road side.

The idea of protest aroused from here, and on Tuesday the people in bulk came out on roads against this needless environmental damage. Local media and social activists were also present there.

Later, a group of people approached different officials to control this needless damage, where they realized that the matter will go in long procedures thereby making the decision tardy.

At last, a delegation of people met Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh at the Circuit House, Dharamshala. Mr. Singh ordered district officials of Kangra to immediately stop the cutting of green trees along the Dharamshala-Bagli road.

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