500 snowbound tribal people require emergency chopper services


The snowbound areas of Lahaul and Spiti and Chamba districts require emergency chopper services to evacuate snowbound 500 people but owing to inclement weather and non-availability of chopper, it could not take place.

So far one patient had been succumbed after waiting for three days to get rescued from land locked districts. Meanwhile, five other patients including one serious have been waiting anxiously to get evacuated, who had been referred to IGMC or other hospitals.

Talking to media, Liaison officer at Bhuntar airport Dr. Ranjeet Singh told that state government chopper is at Delhi as it could not fly due to heavy fog on the airport, therefore they could not evacuate those in emergency despite clear weather today.

He said that about 20 people are to be rescued today as one sortie was scheduled between Udaipur and Tingret helipad in Lahaul and Spiti district, if chopper arrives here on time. He said that there is a serious patient at Tingret while two each are waiting to evacuate at Udaipur and Sisoo helipad. He said that three would be evacuated today.

On official report said that people are in urgent need to provide them evacuation in all the ten helipads in Lahaul and Spiti district. Media report said that one patient, Hem Singh succumbed at Pangi valley few days back as state government remained fail to evacuate him in emergency which required immediate hospitalization.

Similarly, about 542 others were waiting on either side including more than 354 employees who are boarding at Kullu and Manali to get flight to join duty in snowbound district. Dr. Singh said that state GAD had registered 354 people to board flight for snowbound 10 helipads in Lahaul and Spiti from Bhuntar airport. He added that about 170 tribal people and officials booked chopper at Keylong and 18 at Diet helipads to evacuate them.

The report arriving from snowbound area reflects different pictures alleging that state official is undermine urgency as there are more than 542 people who require emergency flights. Reports said that 27 people are waiting at Zyspa, 66 at Sisoo (including some patients) 32 at Rawa, 58 at Barring, 43 at Udaipur, 30 at Tindee, 138 at Sitingri and 35 Tandi.

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