Virbhadra Singh files defamation against Arun Dhumal


Younger son of former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, Arun Dhumal was sued by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh in a local court in Shimla yesterday after filling criminal defamation suits against him, demanded probe by Enforcement Directorate or any other national level agencies.

Responding to the fresh trail moved by Mr. Singh, Mr. Arun Dhumal said that he welcomed the move by chief minister but Mr. Virbhadra Singh should respond to his frequent queries, which he also raised in media press conferences.

Prem Kumar Dhumal had submitted letter to Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh about these allegations which Mr. Singh has evaded to reply. Moreover, Mr. Singh did not respond to media query when he was addressing the press conference on Thursday.

“It was first ever such press conference addressed by Mr. Singh in which he evaded even single reply of media shows that Chief Minister is in trap and not want to explain charges of money laundering being leveled against him,” Arun Dhumal pointed out.

BJP would definitely move to Lokayukata as soon as Mr. Singh and his wife would tender resignation from their posts as the charges against them are of serious tantamount the probe by the investigating agencies like ED, Revenue Intelligence or CBI.

BJP have faith in Lokayukata and it can move in-front of it but since its wing is not able to probe the transactions incurred as it did not have such big investigation wings, therefore, it should be probed by the national level agencies.

We would definitely take legal recourse but we would bring the matter in public domain as Mr. Singh could not absolve from the charges after initiating defamation suit against them.

“I addressed first press conference seeking number of queries from chief minister when booked under Section 420 in HPCA case, till now no statement was being recorded in case against me and despite I was threaten by CM to be arrested had not taken bail,” BJP leader challenged that he would face the trail.

Initiating defamation suit is ploy to mislead congress high command but the investigation is already in the matter of apple sales of Mr. Singh in which use of scooter and tanker was made, Mr. Dhumal said adding that income tax department also opened the matter of Mr. Singh returns to find out the truth how Mr. Singh had bumper crop from few lakhs to crores.

Mr. Singh and his wife had concealed the most vital fact of purchase of farmhouse in their income tax returns and election affidavit has his dependent son and daughter who own the properties worth Rs. 20 crore named M/s Destinations and Dreambuild pvt ltd.

BJP leader said that this property was registered as farm house under Registration of Companies Act Delhi in which it was being cited to deal with real estate and hospitality industry.

Mr. Singh’s government has tried to alleged on HPCA that why it was registered at Kanmour ROC office, should have not to explain that why his son Vikramaditya M/s Maple Destinations and Dream land Pvt. Ltd. was registered at ROC Delhi when he could get registration at ROC Chandigarh and Jalandhar should explain to the pubic now.

He alleged that there seemed to be evasion of stamp duty in the deal as property is being reported of Rs. 20 crore as it was being purchased to Rs. 1.25 crore.

BJP leader alleged that this farmhouse was being managed by Vakamulla Chandrashekhar as he had similar own farmhouse.

He said that Chief Minister’s son has ownership of 95 percent in the farmhouse as it was purchased from Mr. Pichashwer Gadda and Mrs. Punita Gadda at Farm 3E, Dehra Mandi, Bandhroad Mandi village Tehsil Halkus of Mehroli.

He said that that farm house has built up property as of now but it was not shown in the registry which could be another evasion of taxes or Mr. Singh’s son should cited it in his income tax returns. They said that farmhouse was spanned in 2.50 acres.

He alleged that in the balance sheet of M/s Mapple Destinations and Dreambuild Pvt Ltd. as on March 31 2013 Mr. Vakamulla Chandrashekhar gave an unsecured loan of Rs. 4,999,000 to this farm house and the same farmhouse also got an unsecured loan of Rs. 1.50 crore from M/s Tarini Sugar and Distilleries which interest free and no period of repayment has been fixed.

It is interesting to know that 17.53 percent share of M/s Tarani Sugar and Distilleries is held by Vakamulla Chanderashekhar and 64.57 percent by Tarini International Ltd. But 9,80,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each has been also owned by family members of Mr. Singh.

The same matter is also tagged to CBI probe yesterday as the matter was also brought before the Delhi high court. In which court fixed hearing on the February 12, 2014 along with another writ petition field by noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan.

There is no confusion in the party as BJP leader clearly stated that it is case of open and shut of money laundering by the Chief Minister and his wife in which both could not absolve under the garb of any court case or suit.

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