Opposition indulges in malicious propaganda and personal attacks : Chief Minister


Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh has accused the opposition BJP for indulging in malicious propaganda and personal attacks against him and his family members.

Giving this statement in the state assembly today, Mr. Singh said that BJP members hatched a conspiracy to indulge in malicious campaign against him as they made different attempt to sully and smear his clean image and reputation.

M/s Venture Enegy and Technology ltd. was awarded Sai-Kothi project in year 2002 as MOU signed on June 14, 2002 during BJP regime. This project was issued show cause notice in December 2002 for violation of clause 16 of MOU regarding misrepresentation of facts and regard to equity partners and cancellation process was initiated in January 2003.

The firm approached Congress government in between April 2003 to 2004 but proposal to restore the project was rejected thrice. It now approached HP high court by its order dated June 8 2005 and project was awarded to HBSEB in 2005.

The firm approached Supreme Court who passed orders for reconsideration of allotment of the project to the firm with its order on September 5, 2005.

There after government decided to restore MOU of Sai-Kothi project by way of signing of implementation agreement subject to withdrawal case in the court on June 2007 subject to condition to obtain all statutory clearance with 24 months of signing of IA.

The firm remained fail to achieve these milestones but during BJP rule it was granted extension for period of 21.5 months levying extension fees at the rate of Rs. 10,000 per MW per month.

The IIP deposited amount of Rs. 45.75 but there was a balance of Rs. 25.52 lakh which include extension fee and interest there on. The Congress government on September 4, 2013 further gave special extension after levying fees at the rate of Rs. 20,000 per MW per month in favour of company subject to fulfillment of conditions a sum of Rs. 58.19 lakh to be deposited within period of 30 days.

Chief Minister said that there is no question of favour to this firm as this project was cancelled on November 12, 2013. On the other hand government has taken a decision as per rule thereby upholding the rule of law.

Responding to allegation of holding shares in M/s Tarini infrastructure ltd., Mr. Virbhadra Singh said shares purchased are fully paid from public listed company registered as per Section 81(1A) of Companies Act 1957 and stock exchange firm which is as per SEBI guidelines.

Chief Minister said that any public limited company can allot shares to other than the existing share holders of company to any individual who duly subscribes to the equity of the company after filling prescribed application forms by issuing a cheque or demand draft with self attested PAN card.

Mrs. Pratibha Singh (wife of CM), Ms. Aprajita (daughter) and Mr. Vikramaditya Singh (son) all are above age of 18 years and are Indian citizens and dully complied with all requisite rule and regulation before purchasing the shares, Chief Minister said defending his family members.

BJP member made a great hue and cry in the house, however, he had no political vendetta against anyone. “No matter however mighty one be no one would be spared if found guilty in the probe but innocent would not be disturbed at all,” Chief Minister said.

Commenting about the accusation of registering political cases on BJP members and its activists Mr. Singh said that during BJP rule Congress had constituted a charge sheet committee to highlight their misdeed in between 2008 to 2012 which also presented charge sheet to President Pranab Mukharjee.

The matter hailed to the time period when he was cabinet minister in the union government but now same charge sheet is being probed by state vigilance and anti-corruption agency after forming of Congress government in December 25, 2013.

Mr. Singh said that he want to make clear in the house that his government would not pursue any political vendetta nor would there be any witch hunting.

He said that BJP government during its two last terms even tried to purse political vendetta against him, as in its first tenure, Kainthla Commission was constituted to probe “Sagar Katha” case, similarly in second term fabricated case were filed against him known as CD case.

“I faced session trail and came out clean in the end,” Mr. Singh said adding that BJP government also ordered to measure his land time and again and found nothing wrong. He added, “I mentioned here that at the time of merger of state I do not own any land and the land was given to him on the merger of state by government on India as part of merger settlement which is duly recorded and some properties he had inherited from his mother on her demise.” Large chunks of land which he owned have gone to tenants and similarly some lands have now vested in the state under HP land ceiling Act.

“Now I am left with land holdings that I am entitled to hold under law and this land has been measured again and again during BJP rule as part of political vendetta,” he alleged.

He said that he does not want to harm any person but law shall take its own courses. Now as the investigation into the misdeeds of BJP are gaining momentous an attempt is being made to divert public attention by raising these frivolous issues.

He said that we are governed by rule of law and nobody is above the law. Any attempt to derive political mileage out of such lawful activities pursued by any persons which are perfectly legal has to be deprecated.

“I have spent if decades of clean public life and my life is open book since government has adopted a zero tolerance of corruption and we are committed to give clean and efficient governance to the people of the state and government stands resolves,” Chief minister said.

Mr. Singh condemning the protest of BJP in the house today said that the issue raised has nothing to do with him and was rightly rejected by the speaker. Ram Kumar who was elected Congress MLA in December 2013 was already arrested on December 23, 2013 before he took oath as Chief Minister office on December 25, 2013.

Mr. Singh said that Mr. Ram Kumar is booked in a case of murder under Section 302 of IPC and under violation of SC/ ST act as he was arrested along with four others in charge for murder of a girl.

Case has been registered against Mr. Ram Kumar by Panchkula Police before he took as office of Chief Minister. The case and court trial was going in state of Haryana in which he had nothing to do, Mr. Singh said.

BJP was not fair to accuse him after involving in the case in which he had nothing to do, Chief Minister said .

“Mr. Kumar was at large before his hide out was raided by a special team constituted by the Baddi and Panchkula Police but MLA surrendered himself before the court on his own how could BJP blame me for this case,” Mr. Singh said.

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