Virbhadra gave wrong information to election commission, must resign : Arun Thakur


By : Arvind Sharma

Arun Thakur, the younger son of the former CM of Himachal has demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh for misleading the election commission of India in proving the details of assets. In a press conference convened in the HPCA cricket stadium Arun said, “Virbhadra purposely did not disclose that Vakamulla Chandrashekher of Tarini Infrastructures has given crores of rupees to him, his wife Pratibha Singh (MP) and son youth congress chief Vikramaditya. Virbhadra Singh has taken this amount is much more than what has been reflected in election commission affidavit of Virbhadra Singh and his wife Pratibha Singh.”

Mr. Arun Thakur said that Pratibha Singh, the son and the daughter of Virbhadra Singh, have substantial holdings in Vakamulla Chandrashekher’s company. He also said, “Virbhadra’s family took crores of rupees from Vakamulla Chandrashekher and used that money to buy shares in his company itself.”

He distributed the downloaded annual return share statement of Tarini Infrastructures limited, company of Tarini, the daughter of Vakamulla Chandershekher. It shows that Pratibha Singh and her daughter Aparajita Kumari having 3.40 lakh shares each,while his son Vikramaditya Singh has 3 lakh shares of the value of Rs. 10 each besides it, the officer on special duty of Chief Minister Amit Pal Singh have 10,000 shares in the same firm.

It is alleged that the present and past governments lead by Virbhadra Singh in Himachal favored Vakamulla Chandrashekher’s Venture Energy’s Tech Ltd. to start the power project of 15 MW at Sai Kothi levying extension fee of Rs. 20 thousand per MW per month, where as the company was declared defaulter in the execution of project at Sai Kothi by high power committee appointed by Congress government in 2005. Later the matter was brought in the cabinet but than power minister rejected the same thrice.

He said that the newspapers says that Vakamulla Chandrashekher poses Virbhadra as his friend and he helped Virbhadra in need. Mr. Thakur said that CM has 10 crore in the bank and getting just 4% interest on it, whereas he has said to be taken 4 crore loan from Vakamulla Chandrashekher on an interest payment of 12%, is laughable. Mr. Thakur said,”Virbhadra Singh has shown his liabilities around 3.90 crore (including Rs. 1.5 crore of Pratibha), whereas according to my information Virbhadra has taken 3.50 crore, his wife Pratibha 2.10 crore and son Vikrmaditya 2.0 crore from Vakamulla Chandershekher, which was not shown in Commissions affidavits.”

Earlier, when few days back, Arun Thakur in Shimla asked Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh to reveal the identity of Vakamulla Chandrashekhar, who allegedly gave a loan of 2.4 crore to the CM and another 1.4 crore to Pratibha Singh, then he alleged that Virbhadra Singh had filed revised income tax returns for three financial years, namely for 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11. He said while the income shown by the CM for these three years was 7.35 lakh, 15 lakh and 25 lakh respectively. These were later revised to 2.21 crore, 2.8 crore and 1.55 crore.

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