Himachal to announce new TD policy soon


State government would announce new timber distribution policy within a week as it was informed by Himachal Pradesh Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri in the house today.

Replying to call attention motion brought by Maheshwar Singh in the assembly, Mr. Bharmouri said that government had already made blue print of new TD policy in which fresh provisions of free woods or fuel wood have been made for construction of houses and also use it for fuel on various occasions by an individual.

Minister said that state government had simplified existing provisions under this policy as there were complaints that some of its wrong clauses were depriving people from their due right as they were not getting readily supply of timber and fuel woods.

“Even victims who are being rendered house less by fire incidents also being deprive to get free supply of timber woods,” Minister said, disclosing that about 394 applications for TD wood were pending before state forest corporation as cost fixed under existing TD policy had not been deposited by the effected parties as they could not afford it.

Raising this issue under call attention motion, Maheshwar Singh said that three house holds of Banjar and ten of Mandi district were waiting to get supply of fuel woods as fire incidents renders them house less in different fire mishaps occurred in the month of November this year.

He sought to make provisions of free fuel woods for village crimination on the old pattern.

BJP members opposed the ruling of speaker Brij Behari Lal Butail alleging that this call attention motion should not be allowed as matter raise, member did not fall under rule 62 as it is policy matter and debate should be allowed under other rules so that all members could take part in it.

Ruling out the contention of speaker said in his ruling that there objections could not be maintained as the issue strictly fall under said rule and no one other was allowed to speak on this issue.

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