Vasuben Trivedi in Himachal started soil, iron collection for Sardar Patel statue


Gujarat Minister Vasuben Trivedi on Tuesday kick-started Narendra Modi’s plan to build the world’s highest statue – the Statue of Unity – of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Himachal Pradesh. Now, BJP leaders are ready to tour every village in the state and collect iron and soil that will be used for the construction of the statue.

Advancing a Gujarat government delegation, Trivedi said that though the project is government and does not need individual contributions, but the whole idea is to involve farmers, students, social activists and patriotic citizens symbolically and get their endorsement to the project.

Addressing media persons, Prof. Vasuben Trivedi said, “We will approach farmers to donate just a small piece of iron from their agriculture implements and a little bit of soil and send it in a kit with signatures of all villagers. This is a three-tier campaign, started by the Modi, to implement the project”.

Jairam Thakur, a former minister and sitting MLA, who is a coordinator for Himachal Pradesh said that the drive to collect iron and soil from the state will begin on December 15. As many as 565 towns in India will witness a run for unity and Shimla is one of the venues.

Mr. Thakur also said, “We have several religious shrines and temples, beside dev sathans, which will also be part of the drive to collect soil for the statue”. The construction is estimated to cost Rs. 2,500 crore and will be completed in four years.

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