Leonhard Euler behind ‘2nd Law of Motion’ not Newton : Ajay Sharma


    Scientists and Deputy Director of Education Ajay Sharma has come up with fresh claims that second law of motion which is considered as foundation of rest two laws was given by Leonhard Euler, whereas Newton is always given a wrong credit.

    Mr. Sharma today claimed that foundation of second law of motion was laid by Jacob Hermann, 1716 as it was first given by Leonhard Euler, but after three centuries its credit has been given to Newton.

    In the form of Newton’s second law, which is taught in schools all over the world, was actually not given by Newton. Definition of second law, ‘The alteration of motion is ever proportional to the motive force impress’d; and is made in the direction of the right line in which that force is impress’d’.

    Motion means body moves or possesses velocity, it means F = (v-u) not F= (v-u)/t or F = ma , F force , m mass and a is acceleration.
    F = ma was given by Leonhard Euler : Most of the text was in Latin, and is translated from it.

    (i) In 1716 Jacob Hermann in his book ‘Phoronomia’, (even now it is in Latin), gave equation dc = p dt, where c stands for ‘celeritas’ meaning speed, and p stands for ‘potentia’, meaning force. It is regarded as F = ma but it is definitely not, as it is acceleration but called force (potentia in Latin). Newton’s Principia used ‘celeritas’ as speed.

    (ii) Momentum was defined in J. Jenning’s ‘Miscellanea’ in 1721 as QxV (mass x v velocity) Newton ignored it when published last edition of the Principia in 1726.

    (iii) Leonhard Euler in 1740, finally gave equation, F = ma, which is the current form, associated with Newton but not given by Newton.

    Leonhard Euler’s laws are taught in 11th class but unfortunately his name was not associated. Now scientists believes, Newton gave second law of motion, Newton’s statement is in nowhere near it. Newton has not given skelton, of F = ma

    Mr. Sharma has already challenged the energy equation (E directly proportional to MC square) given by Albert Einstein terming it erroneous to answer simple questions which is also considered as one of the important discovery in science, also explained theory of relativity and explained the nuclear chain reaction.

    Despite massive development in the world due to application of sciences, people are not ready to reconsider and listen criticism of centuries old work on the basis of scientific reasons and mathematical calculation even today, he added.

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