First-ever PTA meet at Tanda medical college



Kangra: Moved by the Aman Kachroo incident and concerned over the future of other students at the college, the Dr Rajinder Prashad Medical College here at Tanda constituted what officials claimed to be the first-ever Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in a medical college in the country for creating a congenial academic atmosphere for the students and to make the campus ragging-free.

A parent-teacher meet held today in the auditorium of DRPGMC was first of its kind in any medical college in the country where a pledge was taken jointly by the students, their parents and teachers to curb ragging and make the college campus ragging free. Seventy parents, all faculty members and all the students of the college participated in the meet.

Photo courtesy: Sagar Raina

The PTA was formulated in order to bring the college and the students out of traumatic situation following the death of Aman Kachroo, who allegedly died because of ragging on March 8.

Dr. Narender  Awasthi, who was elected as president of the PTA, stressed on a cohesive and joint approach by teachers, parents, media and students to sort out problems being faced by the students, including ragging. He suggested that facilities of recreation besides extending the library hours in college would certainly canalize their talent and would keep them away from unethical activities.

BC Kaushal, a parent, said that if his ward ever gets involved in  ragging he would disown his son. Among the faculty members, Dr Rajesh Sharma, Dr Parveen Sharma and Dr Dheeraj Kapoor guided the students for their better future.

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  1. " Very well then;let's roast him,'cried Flashman,and catcheshold of Tom by the collar … Tom is dragged along struggling.His shoulders are pushed against the mantlepiece,and he isheld by main force behind the fire,Flashman drawing his trosers tight by way of extra torture." – Excerpts from TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL DAYS by Thomas Hughes(1857),which has many referances to brutal ragging…

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