State level workshop for ‘Persons with disabilities’


Persons with disabilities (PWDs) are also the capital of this nation as they have special rights to get mainstream education, good clothes, healthy food and economical empowerment.

Himachal Pradesh High Court Judge, Mr. Justice Rajiv Sharma, who was addressing state level workshop for Persons with disabilities in which 26 such persons participated was organized by Umang foundation, a local welfare NGO, at Bachat Bhavan, said at Shimla today.

Assuring full cooperation on behalf of judiciary to emphatically implement provisions of laws and rights meant for welfare of this section, he called them to come forward to get benefit out of it as Indian constitution had enshrined number of provisions for weaker sections and PWDs.

“Persons with Disabilities Act (PWD Act) gives number of special rights for you making it mandatory for the authority to implement it after providing such rights readily, if they remain fail to address it, there are penal provisions in Act, which could be invoked by any person” he informed.

High court Judge asked participants that if they found themselves neglected in this regard can directly complain to concerned authority including Chief Justice of High Court, Deputy Commissioner and heads of state government.

“I assure you to personally meet with me if the grievances raised by any of you would not be addressed”, the Mr. Justice Sharma said assuring them that number of such complaints have been addressed in the past and it would be given special attention in future too.

Enough scopes are there for such people to join any sphere or stream in life as they could be a politician, could make special laws for themselves after joining public life and could be as normal human or politician. He also exhorted the participated special students studying in inclusive education institutions.

“Though there is a provision of three percent reservation in the government jobs for PWDs but you could get benefited after making yourself well qualified with hard work and commitment to cherish such dreams in life”, Mr. Sharma advised the participants.

Asking the participants to join recreations and sports in life, Mr. Justice Sharma pointed out that it is essential for better physical and mental development to involve them in extra-curricular activities.

Justice Sharma also distributed ten pieces of ‘Angle Players’, a special electronic gadgets having 32 Giga bytes memory which can replace bulky braille books, as it will be useful for PWDs inside the classroom and home to listen, record, write and save class notes and teachers lecture.

Mr. Ajay Shirivastav convener of Umang foundations said that this instrument would cost Rs. 6000 per device. He said that free note books will be distributed to PWDs by the organization which will help them to compete with the normal students in life.

Special classes have been organized by the NGOs to encourage the participants to show their interest in the learning and scientific innovations with help of such interactions.

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