Renukaji sounds with chirping of winters guests


Renukaji, which houses a lion safari and natural clean water lake, recently was buzzing with chirping sounds of migratory foreign guests as lake witnessed this rare annual feature of winter arrival just two weeks ahead of their normal schedule. This lake is about 165 km from Shimla and 123 km from Chandigarh. It is well connected with road and is also accessed with airport, railway and taxi.

Himachal Pradesh wildlife, ranger officer Raj Kumar Verma revealed that more than 116 birds have arrived giving their entry in the wet lands and started reaching here since last week of November. Normally they come here in first week of December.

He said that six varieties comprising around eighty Indian Moorhen, 12 Coots, 10 Egret, 6 Mallard, 4 each Common Pochard and Kingfisher have been counted by the official so far.

Renuka Lake is attracting these beautiful fowls for many years as last year it witnessed arrival of 487 birds compared to 222 of year 2011-12. About 464 birds visited this lake in 2010-11, 224 in 2009-10 and highest 679 in 2008-09.

No new birds were so far found among the 116 birds, however, there are possibility of new one as their number and kinds might increase. State have number of wetlands which are considered most like destinations of these birds during winter season.

These birds arrive here after covering distance of many thousand kilometers as this lake, revered among the local, would be major attraction for animal lovers, bird watchers, tourists and photographers.

The wildlife authority had made elaborated arrangements to provide protection, besides giving attention to preserve the lake ecosystem making this habitat cozy, serene and conducive for longer stay of these fowls and birds.

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