Juniors beaten up at IGMC



Shimla: Just as the Himachal Pradesh government was clearing the new anti-ragging ordinance, authorities at Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) were trying their best save themselves from an embarrassing situation whereby some first year students were beaten up by two interns last night.

Though prompt action was taken as the students – Dr Nikhil Verma and Dr Sushant Sharma – were expelled from hostel and suspended for six months, the authority’s decision not to involve the police called for some criticism.

The incident occurred at Raman & Bhaba hostel of the IGMC, where both the interns rounded with some first year MBBS students and allegedly manhandled them. College principal Dr S.Kashyap said the matter was reported to the warden and timely action was taken and therefore there was no need for the police to be informed.

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  1. In my opinion ragging is very deep rooted in professional colleges and prompt action like the one which Dr Kashyap principal IGMC Shimla took, is the solution but in my opinion police should have been involved. There should be no strike by any other member of the students or junior doctors associations to save these culprits because if want to erase this word from the professional or other institutes then one has to abide by the law.

    How anyone can think of torturing a junior person.

    Many studious students have been made criminals by this ragging so we should do everything possible now to stop this from happening.

  2. कुत्ते की पूँछ टेढी की टेढी…

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