‘Something is rotten in the state Denmark’ : BJP state chief


Quoting ‘Hamlet’ of William Shakespeare that ‘something is rotten in the state Denmark’,  BJP State Chief alleged that there is something fishy in the state government of Himachal Pradesh.

“Cabinet’s hurry to cancel HPCA land lease and U-turn to spoil faith of people on the state”, BJP leader alleged responding to yesterday’s cabinet decisions at Shimla today.

The hurry of state cabinet to cancel land leases of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) on Oct 26, 2013 was step taken in hurry. It was now forced to take corrective measures as reverted same decisions in another meeting convened here yesterday, state BJP chief argued.

Training gun on the Congress rule, state BJP president Satpal Singh Satti stated this in a press statement issued today. The government seems working on the directions of some fistful Congress leaders and ministers, who led it to take U-turn of same decisions as it reverted its decisions terming them faulty.

Saffron party alleged that it was forced to withdraw its own decisions as Himachal Pradesh high court had passed adverse orders on November 5 terming the state action taken overnight, draconian and unconstitutional.

Why the state cabinet rushed to take such decisions in hurry, it shows that it was not functioning upto public expectation and had taken possession of HPCA land overnight which has already given wrong impression in the mind of people about the state of affairs in the government.

It blamed state congress rule is working in patrician manner evident from the high court order as well as the U-turn taken by the state cabinet yesterday convened in hurry again to correct its earlier mistake.

It is evident from the fact that fraction of ministers belonged to two camps of Congress in the state were openly accusing each other during the state cabinet meeting and Chief Minister left them quarreling, this is the way how eleven months Congress rule functions.

BJP is already leveling similar charge in the past on Mr. Virbhadra Singh rule now suggested it to restrain it from taking strong action against its political adversaries in the future.

The state cabinet known for its decency and discipline would definitely lose its sheen in the public as it is creating wrong image of state government in the mind of people who repose confidence in state assembly elections and could teach it lesson in the tie to come.

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