BJP seeks resignation of CM for filing wrong affidavit


Opposition BJP today sought resignation of Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh alleging that he had filed wrong affidavit in 2012 assembly election of the state after concealing facts.

Addressing media persons here today younger son of former Chief Minister P.K. Dhumal, Mr. Arun Dhumal alleged that Chief Minister’s son Vikaramaditya, who is also contender for State Congress Youth President poll, had bank account of Rs. 101.80 lakh while he is still dependent on Mr. Singh and his wife Mrs. Pratibha Singh.

Neither CM nor his wife stated about the bank account of their son (who had opened the account in year 2011) in their affidavit filed in 2012 assembly election and also in 2013 Lok Sabha bypoll by Mrs. Singh.

Mr. Singh and his family have single premium life insurance coverage paid to LIC from the bank account payment of third person which is illegal and against the norms, Mr. Dhumal asked.

“Mr. Singh who claimed him six time Chief Minister could be disqualified for filing wrong affidavit as recent supreme judgment held that if any political leader would be found filing wrong affidavit during the nomination he could be disqualified as member of assembly and parliament.” BJP leader pointed out.

Mr. Singh had accepted that he had raised loan from Vakamulaha Chandershekhar as he had every right to do so, younger Dhumal asked that what was economical prudence of  royal couple who had taken Rs. 4 crore loan when they had bank account of Rs. 10 crore and that on high 10 percent rate of interest could easily avail it at the rate of 4 percent is beyond everyone’s apprehension.

It indicates of some ‘quo-do-pro’ as Mr. Singh did not respond my earlier allegations about antecedents of a person from he raised loan while he could raise it at lower interest rate.

He said that income tax department had now settled the years 2009-10 revise return of Mr. Singh after considering his agriculture income Rs. 2.80 crore that of Rs. 15 lakh earlier as Mr. Singh submitted fresh produce bills from a firm named as M/s Chunni Lal & Associates hailed to Parwanoo of district Solan.

It is further a matter of investigation to media and concerned persons as whether anyone could raise his agriculture income on flimsy grounds to evade the income tax, he asked releasing a copy of firm named as M/s Universal Apple Associated Pvt. Ltd. registered in year 2013, stating no firm as M/s Chunni Lal and Associates exits or registered under in the record.

Mr. Singh had been admitted and surrounded in 161 bigha land case which he had illegally occupied in past, belonged to state after making excuse that he had no knowledge of revenue law. Now the same person availed loan of Rs. 4 crore against economic prudence claimed him six time Chief Minister.

Seeking resignation of Mr. Singh as assembly member and Chief Minister and as a Lok Sabha member of Mrs. Singh, Mr. Dhumal said that both have no right to remain on their posts after concealing facts and filing wrong affidavit.

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