CPI(M) opposes handing over of HP health services to Ranbaxy


State unit of CPI(M) had passed a resolution to oppose the privatization policy of Himachal Pradesh Government after handing over health services in hands of Ranbaxy and other contractors.

This resolution was adopted during a massive protest rallies organized by different front of party held at Ice Skating Rink ground Shimla on Tuesday against anti-people policies of union and state government.

The general public meeting convened by Kisan Sabha, Centre of Indian, Trade Union, Democratic Youth Federation of India passed resolution against the above policy of state government and centres also for not providing PDS items in its outlets also given call to held agitations on district subdivision and block level on December 3, 2013 in the state.

Addressing public meeting CPI(M) Rajya Sabha MP Vijayraghavan stated that a wide resentment is prevailing against the incumbent Congress and BJP led governments in the center since they are only watching the interests of big business houses and corporate sector and paying no heed to the issues of common man.

He said that people would ouster Prime Minister Manmohan Singh government this time as wide resentment prevailed against UPA-2 as it remained fail to cater the interest of common man who had only watched the interests of big business houses and corporate sector.

No regional party today want to go with BJP and Congress as there are only two political parties each with UPA and NDA as NCP and National Conference with Congress and Akalidal and Shiv Sena only want to go with BJP.

On October 20 rally convened by the CPI(M) comprising of non communal parties held at New Delhi recently had joined by 15 major political parties shows that if any front was strong today it was third front led by left parties, CPI(M) leader said.

He said that every regional parties want to go alone in Lok Sabha poll as they fear to lose with Congress or BJP but they would re-unite after post poll scenario and definitely come forward to form the front which will make government in center, he announced.

CPI(M) would emerge as strong political force aftermath Lok Sabha elections this time as agitation and movement organized by the party reflects the mood of people as it was garnering massive support in every gathering.

The people would not go with communal parties like BJP or anti-people and pro-corporate parties like Congress as both would ruin them during successive rules.

There is need of alternate policies not a leader in the center as BJP and Congress want to showcase the face of Prime Minister after project Narinder Modi and Rahul Gandhi their leaders in every rallies strategically organized to mislead people.

Since people not expect from prime minster too much now as Manmohan Singh who led UPA government for last ten years had almost ruined them favour of corporates houses and denying subsidies for the common and poor main in the name of bankruptcy.

He said that corruption crossed every limit prevailed in the sky, land and deep mines or sea today as there is plunder in every field during UPA-II as Spectrum scam, land deals and coal gate scams helped the corporate to seize over natural resources.

Describing the plight of poor in the hill state, Mr. Vijayraghavan said that present Virbhadra Singh government is just ‘carrying forward’ the agenda of previous BJP government as there is mass privatization of health and education services.

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