HPCA will move to high court for justice


Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association decided to move to Himachal Pradesh high court challenging the action to take over International Cricket Stadium and other assets associated with HPCA, alleging that action was violation of court proceedings.

Counsel for HPCA Vikrant Thakur told that it decided to move again to the high court of Himachal Pradesh, challenging government action as Registrar of Cooperative Society (RCS) today upheld that HPCA no more falls under RCS ambit and its jurisdiction is that of companies registrar.

“What was the hurry to the state government for the take over of  the stadium, Pavilion hotel, other stadiums and assets which were being run by HPCA and that too overnight when the matter was pending before the RCS and had been challenged in the high court earlier”, Mohit Thakur spokesman of HPCA said.

HPCA had already challenged this matter before the honorable high court which has asked the cricket body to sought relief before the RCS first, which today got major reprieve.

Since issuing show cause notice by state bodies, it does not fall under its jurisdictions as HPCA is now being governed by the companies, the action of the state government to take over which is against the law and clear cut violation of high court order passed earlier.

HPCA today had taken legal advise regarding the government actions and order passed by the RCS. After this, Mr. Thakur would knock the door of high court as state could not take over the properties raised by the HPCA from its funds.

On Saturday night Himachal Pradesh Government took over possession of  HPCA grounds, hotels and others assets after ordering cancellation of lease of lands given to HPCA during or before BJP rule.

Deputy Commissioner Kangra C Paulrasu said that on Saturday night it took over HPCA stadium at Dharamshala, Pavillion hotel, other stadiums located at Luhnu in Bilaspur, Nadaun in Hamirpur, Gumma in Shimla and Lalpani in Shimla.

In a major reprieve to Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA)  Registrar of Cooperative Society today upheld cricket bodies objection is valid as it now fall under the jurisdiction of companies act.

In 5 paged order passed by the registrar of  cooperative societies, R.D. Nazeem here today upheld the objection raised by the Petitioner, President of HPCA Anurag Thakur who had challenged the jurisdiction of RCS to issue notice to cricket body currently registered under the companies act.

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