Man killed after falling down from roadside in Shimla district


A man was killed as he fell down to shore of Satluj river when he was taking nap beside the road at Nogli near Rampur area in Shimla district.

Police sources said that the deceased who is yet to be  identified was reportedly taking nap near a parapet beside, but as he crawl over it he fell down about 100 meters down on the bank of Satluj river.

The passerby called the police who retrieved the body. The man was already succumbed to injury before he was rushed to nearby hospital.

In another mishap an elderly man got wounded by the monkeys as they assaulted him near Dingu Temple at Sanjauli, which falls under outskirts of Shimla capital town. The man is now toiling with his life as the agitated monkeys took away part of his flesh from his body.

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