Education: My wishlist for Himachal Pradesh



That the govt should add emphasis on improving the quality of teachers of all levels by (besides adequate funding)…

  1. Adding special trainings. Infusing hi-tech.
  2. Hiring more teachers from field or make it a requirement that all teachers work outside of school/college for at least 5 years or so.
  3. The teachers especially at college levels would be required to have published some material on some journals.
  4. All teachers should be required to participate in a certain minimum number of seminars/conventions per year.
  5. All institutions to have a career councilor/motivator. This is extremely important for colleges. The goal for students should move from a acquiring a degree to building a career.
  6. Improving/making the education participatory or bidirectional. That is, making it mandatory for students to debate their own education and provide feedback.
  7. Require all institutions to have good alumni programs. Take feedback from alumni in job market to align courseworks.
  8. Promote sports heavily but subdue politics i.e. forbid college student organizations from aligning with any political party.

Of course , once the govt shows interest in changing directions, we can work on preparing a comprehensive document or even suggest hiring a policy consultant.

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