HP to enhance ‘war jagir’ to war hero, also propose to revert mutation law


Himahcal Pradesh Government has decided to enhance the annual ‘War Jagir’ paid to war heroes and their kins from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 as the bill proposed to amend Section 3 of HPWA act 1972, was tabled in the house today.

The Social Justice, Empowerment and Sainik Welfare Minister Dr. (Col) Dhani Ram Shandil tabled the bill in the state assembly to enhance ‘war jagir’, payable annually to all the eligible persons. This would put additional financial burden of Rs. 41.55 lakh per annum on the state ex-chequer.

Another bill was also tabled in the house by Revenue Minister Kaul Singh Thakur, who proposed to amend Section 34 and 35 of HP Land Revenue Act 1954 to revert the decision made by last BJP regime to bring amendment in 2011 which had allowed land owners to opt for mutation entered to their lands in the Tehsil office or Patwar Circle.

The bill tabled today delete proviso of HP Land Revenue (Amendment) Act 2011 provides any persons acquiring any right in an estate as a land owner has option to get the mutation entered and attested either at the Tehsil office or at the Patwar circle as he may desire.

Mr. Thakur said that above provisions were not found in consonance with the provisos of Sub-Section 7 of Section 35 depriving to be heard all the interested parties and all the co-sharers in a joint holding in mutation proceeding.

In order to remove ambiguity and to ensure strict implementation of the provisions of Section 35(7) so that mutation are attested by the Revenue officers during filed visits and the interested parties may get an opportunity of being heard.

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