HP Assembly adjourned amid ; opposition protest


Himachal Pradesh Assembly was adjourned amid opposition protest till 1130 hours as opposition BJP staged protest alleging that the state government was victimizing Pradhan and Panchayati Raj Representatives on their political affiliation.

During the question hours, Panchayati Raj Minister Anil Sharma, who was replying to a query of Jai Ram Thakur (Seeraj- BJP), stated that a notification was wrongly issued by an officer which was withdrawn seeking details of political affiliation of Panchayat Raj Representatives. Meanwhile it was not issued on behalf of state government.

This agitated the opposition who were on their toes in the house and showed news paper cutting in the house alleging that the government suspended Panchayat Raj Representatives on political affiliation.

Mr. Jai Ram alleged that 18 Pradhans belonging to BJP have been either suspended or dismissed due to draconian action on behalf of state government which is leashing political vendetta against political opponent.

Amid Opposition Protest, Chief Minister intervened and stated in the house that BJP protest in the house was premeditated as it has given call of protest outside the house today. Pradhan was suspended or dismissed during this rule so far action has been taken against some Panchayat Raj Representatives under Sec 145 of Panchayat Raj Act 1994.

Speaker Shri. Brij Bihari Lal Buital adjourned the assembly for ten minutes i.e. 1120 hours to 1130 hours.

As the house converged latter, opposition member did not turn out in the house. Chief Minister gave statement in the house that opposition protest was unwarranted as they did not give any notice to debate the issue and they disrupted the question hours when ministers were replying to their query.

Mr. Butail also warned the members that they should not show any play card, copy of papers and any published material in the house without taking the permission from this chair.

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