It’s raining in Shimla


By: Shoonya

It’s finally raining in Shimla as I write this. Nityin (Weather makes people scurry to gods and the weathermen), like all of us in Himachal, was beginning to get a little jittery about the continuous dry spell. I was more selfish though. I was worried at the prospects of a warm summer, and acute water shortage.

I recall in 2008, we really didn’t have a summer in Shimla. It was a continuous rainy season that started soon after the last winter and continued into October 2008. We didn’t have too much water shortage in the summer of 2008, thanks to the ever pouring skies.

However, I do realise that something is awfully wrong with the Shimla weather. I can see the ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ that we used to read about in books and newspapers as kids, is here. What better (or worse) place than Shimla to witness this happen. So I am scared.

I have a beautiful view of Shimla town from my home. In the last eight years I have seen patches after patches of green trees give way to clear rock and concrete. Yet, the people who need their dwelling units continue to construct. I will too when I have enough money for it. Some more trees will be cut. Another patch of rock will appear. Water will get scarcer. Climate change in Shimla hills would become ever scarier. Another Nityin would lament even lesser snow and rain, or perhaps no rain at all.

So while we all busy ourselves constructing our way to our doom, let’s enjoy the rain (and snow if it happens) that we receive. Let’s also thank God for little mercies, for we don’t deserve any.

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  1. yahooooooooo! its raning

    no snow for long, lekin atleast some things happening

    and i just got a call, its raining in chandigarh tooo…and its cold everwhere yahooooooooo…..

    oh by the way fan is on 4,in mumbai 🙁

  2. Thank GOD…. The prayers have been answered. In fact there is a power cut right now where I live in Shimla. I believe this is the first power cut of the winter season. I won't mind some more dark nights… just the heaven may keep pouring…. Hoping to rise to watch a white Shimla in the morning…

  3. Yup, finally it has snowed here. Not much though about 1 inch here where I live. Snowfall has happened at Kufri & Narkanda and do not see any traffic on road here. No buses leaving from Rivoli bus station.

    Magh has finally ventured out in the night.

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