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I would defer to the Social Scientists the analysis of why we lack confidence. It seems HP University has enough Ph.Ds and MAs to analyze that. Like as Rajesh said, I lack the knowledge/skills to make an authoritative argument but whenever I look around or even look back on my own life, I invariably end up at the education system being a major contributor. Our mindset does not change because our education does not contribute much to understanding. Understanding would lead to knowledge and knowledge would then lead to wisdom. Wisdom changes the thinking.

While I was in 8th standard and still learning the English language, I distinctly remember our teacher guiding us how to write a simple application. That would start as "I beg to say that… yours faithfully".

Even 40 years after independence (around 1987), our educators had not realized that we were honourable citizens and did not need to "beg" any more. I strongly believed that our education system was more for creating clerks and pen-pushers than thinkers (British legacy).

Most of the time, products of this kind of education system are fit for clerical jobs only. Our education system is more like 'imposed' rather than evolved from the society/market. No wonder that the graduates find themselves in a market that does not need their skills or find the jobs that they don't have skills for.

Where the confidence?

I certainly believe that the driving force for change is either need or greed. Since greed has not been a particular characteristics of Himachali people, Need would eventually affect change.

Hopefully soon!!

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  1. “I beg to state” is a part and parcel of sarkari culture. I often visit my cousin who happens to be a Sahib in the sarkaar and often glance through the papers on his table. 99% of applications from the staff to boss starts with I beg to state…

    Another interesting thing is the noting prepared by the babus on file. These are very cleverly drafted and if a babu has made his mind on how the matter is to be dealt no force on earth can challange the original noting. It is for nothing that the real power in sarkaar lies with the babu. At times the babus are breifed in advance on how to prepare a noting. The language still used is colonial. The top boss is always prefixed with the title worthy like the worthy managing director.. A babu may write his mind in the noting but always ends as – Submitted for perusal and further orders please.

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