Man eaters still on prowl


After the claim of shooters called from Hyderabad by the forest department that the man-eater of Seraj Valley was killed in the Shikari belt, yet another person was attacked yesterday evening around 1700 hours by the big cat after sneaking into the house of 32-year old Devinder Kumar of Bunali Dhar village.

The man eater on Sunday killed Kashmir Singh (29), the only son of a JBT teacher of village Lehgala, of Seraj Valley. After alighting from the bus he was coming home when he was waylaid and eaten by the big cat.

When the son did not reach home the worried father went for searching his son before the break of dawn. He found blood stains near deep gorge and also saw a half eaten dead body of his son. He fell down unconscious. Former minister Jai Ram Thakur, went to the village to console the bereaved family.

Fear of man eaters have gripped the villagers of the valley. They hide themselves in their houses in the evening when the thundering roars of the man eaters echo can be heard in the valley with the descend of darkness.

Over half a dozen of persons have been killed in this district by the man eaters during the months of July and August.

A man eater also targeted Radha Devi of Thacha Dhar village of Seraj on July 18 when she was working in her field. The killer animal dragged her to the forest and ate her.

Similarly, on July 20 Jethu Ram (30) of village Shikwari was attacked by the man eater when he had gone out to his backyard. His legs were eaten. Now he is reported to be serious.

In Banoli Dhar village of the same valley Mani Devi was killed by the man eater on July 24 when she was going to her room after dinner when the man eater who was hiding in the courtyard attacked her and dragged to the nearby fields and consumed her flesh.

It is feared that a large number big cats have tasted the human blood in the entire Seraj Valley and have become man-eaters.

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