BJP slams Congress for bringing development to halt


The opposition BJP in Himachal slams the Congress rule in the state, alleging that development process had come to virtual halt during last seven months in the state.

“It seemed that state government have forgotten all promises made to people of this hill state before elections as the pace of development almost came to halt in the state as it could not role out any major schemes for welfare of people so far.” Party spokesman Ganesh Dutt  said in a press statement yesterday.

Mr. Dutt blamed the government for indulging in political victimization against its political adversaries and massive transfers of employees and officers and also making false promises to be-fool people.

“Moreover, it had deprived people from their due right of PDS ration in the civil supply shops in the state as it could not release three month quota of sugar and other items”, BJP leader pointed out.

Spokesman said alleging that Congress party government was  working on political vendetta, “The major achievement of this government is that it had relentlessly registered cases against BJP leaders and political adversaries after assuming power in the state.”

To expose the Congress government, BJP also warned to lodge statewide protest against its alleged policy of ‘Badali, Badala and Atyachar” (Transfer victimization and atrocities).

It would held the protest at every district headquarters against the Congress rule from August 12 to 19 to oppose the government alleged action of political victimization and massive transfer of employees and officers.

The party would lodge first protest at Shimla on August 12 in which state president of BJP Satpal Singh Satti would remain present. The party workers would also lodge a protest outside state assembly on August 23 as they would assemble here from all over state, he added.

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