Freelance photographer showcases Thailand as tourism model



Shimla: Thailand is a small country and yet on tourism, it ranks high on recall. Neeraj Sharma, a freelance photographer showcased exactly that in Shimla – why Himachal with its rich resources can’t emulate that.

He exhibited his latest photographers to the press portraying what perfect blend Thailand presents of its culture, development and modernity.

Neeraj Sharma showcasing his work in Shimla (Pic: Lalit)

“Himachal is full of natural resources and has potential to entertain the tourists. It gives them an  opportunity to unwind. But so far there has not been any special feature to tourism in Himachal,” said Sharma.

His picture package of Bangkok and Thailand is a collection of joyous moments of various aspects of the Thai tourism industry and portrays how these places have woven culture, entertainment and mundane to make tourism more thrilling.

Sharma is a banker and works with State Bank of India in Shimla and practices photography during his free time. He has been honoured with many awards, published in magazine like India Today Travel Plus. He has worked with renowned photographers like Navneet Saxena and Raghu Rai. He is working with Rai on a project on Varanasi.

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  1. Been to Krabi a couple of times now, first time was in April 1999, then back at New Year 2009. What a awesome holiday place! It provides for everyone: if your looking for well-meaning Thai people there is masses of them,if your looking for good food there is a good deal and night life is outstanding. If you want a low-priced vacation, you can have it – if you require an pricy holiday, you can have it as well. My wife is totally in love with the place and has just bought into a bar over there. My children love it as well. What a wonderful place to celebrate Songkran!

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