Rescued injured leopard in isolation captivity


Fully grown up rescued injured leopard was being taken in medical isolation captivity at Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Center (WARC) Tutikandi, outskirt of Shimla town. It was earlier brought here by a team of wildlife authority last night, senior wildlife official told.

As it has already been stated that state wildlife authority had rescued wounded leopard from Nerwa (a locality near a dense forest under Chopal subdivision of Himachal Pradesh) yesterday as it was found lying beside the road.

Wildlife and district forest officer (DFO) Shimla, Ashok Chauhan told today that a fully grown leopard has been sent to isolation at WARC which was brought here last evening.

“It seemed in shock as it was surrounded by crowd of five thousand people yesterday while it was being rescued. Keeping the fear factor in mind it has been kept in isolation, moreover it was unable to move its hind limbs”, DFO said.

“Doctor would undergo medical examination tomorrow as WARC have equipment to conduct thorough health check up of injured leopard. It was brought here in fully awaken state as its trance have broken in the midway when it was being rushed to Rehabilitation Center here.” he added.

Chief of Wildlife, A.K. Gulati told that after conducting thorough medical examination of the animal it was found that the leopard has a broken back. He said it was too early to say whether it could walk due to back injury or not.

Mr. Gulati was perplexed as to how this leopard could get injured in such a fashion. He guessed that it could be a case of a hit and run by a vehicle or a fall from steep hill. However, he contended that it was an unusual case as such incidents rarely occur.

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