Wildlife team rescued wounded leopard in Himachal Pradesh


Wildlife authority rescued a wounded leopard from a locality near a dense forest of Himachal Pradesh on Monday morning as it was found lying beside the road, senior wildlife official told.

District Wildlife officer of Shimla, Ashok Chauhan told that a leopard was rescued at Nerwa under Chopal subdivision. It was caged after he was tranquilized, later it was rushed to Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Center, Tutikandi.

Chief of Wildlife Animal Rehabilitation Center, A.K. Gulati told that after conducting medical examination of the animal it was operated as it was found with broken back, however it was too early to say that it could not walk due to back injury.

Mr. Gulati perplexed as how the leopard got injured, it might have been hit by vehicle or might have fallen down from a steep hill after losing balance, however it was unusual case, as such incidents rarely occur.

Earlier a team comprising of wildlife officials and veterinary doctors were rushed to the spot at Nerwa where the leopard was found lying beside the road. The passerby initially did not venture near it but after witnessing that the wounded leopard is not able to move despite lot of effort they approached it and informed the wildlife officials.

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