Nahan – a city of ponds


By : Wasik Sheikh

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A true beauty of Nahan town lies in the fact that it must be felt more than seen. The small  markets, cobbled streets, decent restaurants with nice dinning, peaceful hotels, nature walks through dense forests in Villa round, hospital round and military round and  its old beautiful ponds which can be found in almost every area of the town can make you fall in love with Nahan.

For solo tourist, it’s convenient, secured and can be explored at your own pace. Nahan can be easily covered on foot, if you are ready to ascend and descend its roads. The well planned, neat and clean streets will make you more comfortable to visit around. This beautiful town is the headquarters of district Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh), situated on a hill top in the Shivalik hills.

A Slice Of History :

The city was founded as a capital by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621. He was very fond of flying kites and he started a tradition of flying kites on raksha bandhan day – a tradition followed till today.

Another version recalls a saint who lived with a companion named Nahar on the site where the Nahan palace now stands. ‘Nahar’ means ‘don’t kill’ and the town probably takes its name from an incident when a king was trying to kill a lion and the saint said Nahar, that is do not kill it. The name of the saint was Baba Banwari Das.

What to see :

A City of  Nahan was founded by Raja Karan Prakash in 1621. Traditionally, saints and princes are linked with the origin of Nahan. So you can explore some old buildings, temples , palaces and many ponds and baudries (natural spring ) here, which will allow you to relive the splendor of bygone era.

Ranitaal :

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It  is situated at one of the most spectacular settings in Nahan, nestled between market and the residential area, renowned for its taal (pond). Enjoy by indulging in boat ride, fish feeding, rides for kids and experience the different species of plants, flowers under the expert guidance of horticulture and floriculture, such plants and flowers adds glory to the town.

With in the space of just few steps you will come across a marvelous temple, it is placed almost in the middle of the lush green land, known as Shiv mandir – an evocative symbol of purity, worship and beauty. The area with in the garden is adorned with beautiful manicured lawns and lush green shrubs.

Local City :


Small yet spacious, simple yet trendy, the market of the town surely means different things to different people. Where one can shop for variety of clothes, articles of daily use, handlooms and handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh like Kullu caps , Kullu shawls, handmade mufflers, socks, jackets, wood articles and many more. Do not miss to buy HPMC fruit juices, jams, pickle, murabba, honey and other items.

Underground sewerage system of this town is unbeatable. The three beautiful grounds Chamba ground, Chaugan ground and military ground is an another option to enjoy. Lytton memorial, which is located at one of the most happening spot of the town, is also known as Delhi Gate and is opposite to Chaugan ground.

A small vendor in the market sells tikki, chaat, dahi  gol gappe which will give you the real taste of street food.

Must Try :

  • Steam and fried momos are something which is a must eat in Nahan. So, gorge on these authentic  momos with thupka and chutney.
  • Villa Round – Take a stroll through the lush green forests of chir pine trees, which is home to many majestic birds, monkeys and langoors. This place is a truly paradise for nature and peace lovers, which offers exceptional views of hills around.

Things that defines Nahan :

  • Its pleasant weather.
  • It is neat and clean town.
  • It has several ponds.
  • Its approachable quality from all the major cities.
  • Petha and Momos
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