Delhi-Keylong-Leh bus service resumes


Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) has redeployed Delhi-Keylong-Leh bus service from Monday onwards as two bus services left for Leh and Delhi from Keylong on Monday, HRTC official confirmed.

Regional Manager of HRTC Keylong Depot, Mangal Manyapa told that bus service was suspended on September 15, 2012, and now it has been retraced from Monday onwards on the entire route.

This bus  service will start from New Delhi at 1545 hours and will arrive at Manali at 1000 hours then it will arrive at Keylong at 1530 hours and will depart for Leh on next day on 0500 hours and will arrive at Leh at 1900 hours on the same day. It will also depart for Keylong back from Leh at 0500 hours and will arrive at Keylong 0700 hours, then it would leave for Delhi at 0500 hours from Keylong.

An official from HRTC said that they would deploy about four vehicles on this route as it would take four days for every vehicle to complete the entire route of 1050 km long.

This service will continue on the road upto September 15, 2013. After that the service will close between Keylong-Leh but will remain on the road between Delhi and Keylong.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the information. Please can you tell me the one-way fare from Delhi to Leh? Where in New Delhi the bus starts from? Is it a Volvo / Luxary or a road ways transport bus?

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am not certain about one way fare from Delhi to Leh but it would not more than Rs 1500 as HRTC charge Rs 1.11 per kilometer. It depart from ISBT Kashmirigate in Delhi it is road way transport bus took almost three days in the way. It is comfortable from Delhi to Manali but from Manali to Leh it is unbelievable hard journey due to roughed and spiral road, shaky, troublesome and adventurous journey. it it break done in the way it is hell tiring. It you are not healthy and young it is more mountainous task.
    If one can pay he should prefer light vehilce like Belro, Tatasumo etc. Bus staff are well behaved and cooperating.

  3. HRTC is in shamble frequent break down on of buses is common. Short of spare parts, HRTC local Shimla-Bashog bus break down at Bioleaguanj for half an-hour created blockade in the town, If you see the health of this vehilce deployed on the road on Jun 5 you could not imagine it could roll down.
    Rohru Depot bus break done at Dawanti near airport on June 5. Staff complaints that there are starved of logistic support as Management and government is not benevolent.

  4. hi,
    can i know where i can make online bookings regarding this bus service ? i cant seem to find the link.

  5. Hi,

    I would like to know if there are buses available from Manali to Leh by the end of September, and in case there are, which companies run these services. I understand HRTC ends its services by the middle of September.

    Thank you very much in advance,

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