Himachal pushes Poly Houses for higher production


Courtesy: Himachal PR

The Himachal Pradesh government has sanctioned Rs 155 crore for construction of around 30,000 Poly Houses through out the state in the next four years. Poly houses will help farmers adopt latest precision farming practices and higher yield of cash crops.

Till now farmers in the state have been dependent on traditional crop pattern. The project will usher a rapid and faster growth in the field of agriculture, by strengthening the economy of the farmers and envisage higher production of various cash crops. Thus ensuring remunerative prices to their yield.

Of the total cost of the project, Rs 117.32 crore would be given as assistance to farmers in the shape of subsidy whereas Rs 37.60 crore would be borne by the beneficiaries.

The project components include construction of Poly Houses with sprinkler and drip irrigation system, through agriculture department of the state. Along with high yield production of cash crops, judicious use of natural resources like land and water, year around availability of quality vegetable produce would be ensured.

The farmers will be provided with 80 per cent subsidy up to 1,000 sq metres, and 20 per cent would be the contribution of the beneficiaries. Besides, the farmers shall be provided 50 per cent financial backup for creation of water resources for these Poly Houses. These include farm yanks, shallow wells, pumping wells, pumping sets, small water lifting sources, etc. A total of 26,50 number of tanks, wells and pumps would be constructed, wherein both the beneficiaries and the state government would bear the equal expenditure.

In all, these Poly Houses, micro irrigation system would be constructed during the project period, covering an area of 14.70 lakh square metres. Depending upon the area and the site, different models of the Poly Houses ranging from low cost tunnel, Poly Houses made up of local material and medium cost Poly Houses of standard material would be constructed.

Over and above, about 6,000 youth are expected to gain employment during the project period. Also about 1,000 rural artisans, to will benefit as their services would be taken to construct these Poly Houses under the supervision of the experts.

The implementation of this project would not only provide year around vegetable production in the extreme climatic condition, but would also ensure increase in production and productivity of vegetables under protective cultivation system.

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