BJP blames Congress for planning deal of 5 million ton capacity cement plant with Reliance


Compromising latter’s policy and taking U turn in the matter, opposition BJP accused state Congress rule for planning a deal after allotment of 5 million ton capacity cement plant to corporate house, Reliance.

BJP state unit senior Vice President, Ram Swaroop alleged in a press statement that there exists gap between Congress earlier stands over setting up of cement industry as it is taken strong rhetoric stand to not allow the plunder of natural wealth in the state.

“The inconsistency of state Congress rule exposed its hypocrisy as it had allowed to allot 5 million ton capacity cement plant to Reliance.” Mr. Swaroop said.

The Congress stated on the floor of the house that it was not in favour to set big cement plant in the state, moreover, its members were totally against for allowing any cement plant in the state for sake of protecting the environment.

“Industry minister categorically spoke in the recent assembly session that until the cement firms would not lower the exorbitant prices, it would not allow to set up any new cement industry in the state”, BJP leader reminded.

This was first example in the state when a cement plant of 5 million ton capacity was allowed at once, ignoring the earlier precedence of governments to allow to set up only 2 million ton capacity cement plant and latter allowed to extend further.

Why this deal has been allowed after taking stand to not go ahead with plant staking its utmost concern to environment, BJP alleged that it is clear inkling big deal should be made open to people.

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