Naggar – serenity lies here.


By : Isha Sharma

Situated on the left bank of the river Beas, a place with mesmerizing view. With an altitude of 1851m, this paradise falls under Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

The place suits the taste of every palate. It has got the spiritual aura, the adventurous energy and of course the romantic tranquility.

There are some of the famous temples, noticeably Tripura Sundari, which is an example of pagoda-shaped temple, a very rare kind of architecture nestled in the upper part of village. Another is Gauri Shankar temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and located at the foot of small bazar below the Naggar Castle. Jagati patt temple is a small temple but with highest religious value and is located in the upper courtyard of the Naggar Castle. This temple also serves as a meeting place for local dieties of Kullu.

naggar 2n ed

View from Naggar Castle

The place also fulfills the appetite of adventure lovers. The valley is the kernel to several trek routes like to Chanderkhani Pass and to outlying valley of Malana. Fishing and river-rafting is another opportunity for adventure seekers.

The valley has a blessing of refreshing mornings and soothing evenings. The romantic atmosphere, the green lushy environment, the fresh water flowing, attracts number of people hunting for peace and ecstasy.

Naggar too has a historical significance as it was capital of Kullu Rajas for many years. But later the abode of Rajas, the Naggar Castle was transformed to hotel.

naggar 1n ed

Naggar Castle

Another highlighting place to visit is Roerich art gallery, which is just 1 km from the Naggar Castle.

It is impossible for someone to leave the place without spending bucks on shawls, Kullu caps, baskets, rugs, foot wear (Pullan), natural oils (almond and olive), local tweeds etc.

This blissful place assures to take its visitors to the zenith of serenity.

Bon voyage!!

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