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I read this news item a few years ago that Karnataka signed Rahul Dravid and Vasundhra (of Hey Ram fame) as brand icons for promotion of tourism. I fail to wonder if Himachal is seriously in a slumber. The Central government is promoting tourism with its INCREDIBLE INDIA campaign and when Himachal’s mainstay economy besides agriculture is Tourism, why it is not being innovative?

I strongly feel that somebody’s bane was Himachal’s boon. Terrorism in Kashmir diverted the tourist traffic to Himachal but now with things going back to normalcy in Kashmir, we are surely going to lose upon this sector soon unless the government comes out with something sharp and crisp ideas.

I feel. Preity Zinta is one adorable and likeable girl who is one hot cake today and luckily she is from Himachal. Can somebody tell the government that she can be signed as a brand ambassador for Himachal. And to top it she comes from Virbhadra’s ex-constituency. So what are the hassles? We do have other people as well. I think one of the guys from this pop group of Dooba-Dooba fame (Dammit – my failing memory again. I have forgotten the name of the group) is from Sirmour. They can be star campaigners. Anupam Kher and others.

Celebrating 100 years of railway line is fine but what next. Are we improving on it? The biggest hindrance for taking the train to Shimla is the train change I have to make at Kalka. I personally prefer the bus just because of that. Are we going to go broad gauge?

In 2004 the theme at the Republic Day parade itself was temples of Himachal but what beyond that? There are thousands of temples in Himachal, which can be promoted and can be an attraction for spiritual tourism, if promoted. And Hatkoti is one of them, which is extremely under-rated. It has many many abandoned stone temples, which though claim to be protected but are in ruins as one by one stone brick is
falling apart.

Hatkoti is one place, which has a lot of potential. Hatkoti, besides the River Pabbar opposite the Hatkoti temples can be exploited for spiritual tourism or medical tourism, I am game to it. Though my specialization is not tourism, it is simply concern for my state that I feel, we can exploit it. And being in the proximity of the River Pabbar, Rafting and other Trekking to Chaanshil are a bonus. Besides that it has an adage that it was set up by the Pandavas. Too much of myth runs in the valley.

How true it is, God knows or the Pandavas know or the archaeologists. But unfortunately the archaeologists have simply neglected the richness. One has to go and see it to believe the majesty of these temples.

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  1. “I think one of the guys from this pop group of Dooba-Dooba fame (Dammit – my failing memory again. I have forgotten the name of the group) is from Sirmour”

    Hey the name of that band is Silk Route and its not from sirmaur, the band is from Chamba or Mandi, With Mohit Chauhan as its lead Singer.

    Himanshu Khagta

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