Himachal supplied trout fish seedlings to Bhutan


Himachal Pradesh is heading towards ‘blue revolution’, after successfully supplying consignment of 30,000 trout fish seedlings to Bhutan. Moreover it was in forefront to provide fish seedlings to other states in the country also.

A department spokesman said today that state trout farm, which is set up at Patlikuhl in Kullu district is producing trout seedlings. Farm had supplied 30,000 seedlings to Bhutan this year whereas supply of two lakh rainbow trout fish seedlings had been made to Sikkim.

Department farm developed and acquired major break through after developing technological innovation to produce bulk fish seedlings which could further saw in the water bodies. He said that supply of seedlings is new chapter in the ‘blue revolution’ as state has limited potential to saw seeds in its own water streams so far department could draw very meager response from the people as only 370 trout units had been set up by 160 fishermen in the state.

Department was trying to import new technology like ‘cage culture’ or ‘backyard farming’  to attract fishermen of this hill state as it had great potential of economy which could make them prosperous. The department was taking logistic support from Inland Fish Research Institute Barakpur, Kolkata as under 12th 5 years plan. Rs. 13.36 crore has been provided to promote aquaculture in the state. During this finical years, target had been laid to set up 100 additional fishery units in the state.

State have suitable habitat of pollution free natural and man-made water bodies which provides ideal background for the rearing of fishes. After thawing of snow in the glaciers the water flows into five rivers, their tributaries and dozen of water dams support farming of clear and fresh water fishes especially trout, which have massive demand in the international market.

The two main man-made water bodies Govind Sagar Dam in Bilaspur and Pong Dam in Kangra alone produce lakhs of fishes as locally develop seedlings were being sawn by the department and it was latter leased out to registered fishermen.

The state supporting agencies are keen to convert this part time vocation of fish gathering into major industrial enterprises as it would not only create employment but also provide unique delicacy and recreation to tourists who visit this state.

Department is also trying to propagate fish seedlings in Chamera, Dehar and other dams which are coming up in large number after setting up of mega hydro electric projects in the state.

The current production of trout is supplied to hotel industries in Manali, Shimla and Dharamshala, moreover, department is also creating cold chain to help fishermen.

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