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By: Varun

The HRTC taxi service in Shimla connecting The Mall with various suburbs of Shimla is a real blessing. Without doubt we should complement the people who designed this service and have made it accessible for common man to reach the Mall.  I recently got the taste of the service while travelling from Chakkar. In the past, travelling from areas such as Panthghati, Chakkar, New Shimla to the Mall was always being on a mission.

Imagine you just had your Sunday lunch and now you want to go to the Mall to meet your friends. It certainly is a difficult proposition for lazy bones like mine to getup and catch a bus where in most likely circumstances I will not get a seat.   This service at least gives me a positive reinforcement to execute the plan.

Moreover Rs 20 from New Shimla to the Mall doesn’t seem to be expensive as one would spend more than this amount if travelling in bus or own vehicle. Another first with service is the introduction of electronic ticket vending machine by the corporation. The driver acts as a conductor and provides an electronically printed ticket instead of the pre-printed one which is then punched by the bus conductors.

The transport corporation is now planning to introduce electronic ticketing machines in all its local buses as well as inter-city buses. This would certainly prevent cheating on part of both the conductor and the commuter. The tickets printed from the machine are specific and provide details of fare as well as the name of the destination unlike the old tickets. So a passenger, who does know the cost of journey, cannot be overcharged by the conductor. Similarly a passenger cannot dupe the conductor.

In spite of the upsides there remains apprehensions such as paper roll getting stuck in the machine or how the conductors will provide tickets in over crowded bus running in the Shimla town. Since the new system is yet to be introduced the downsides will come to be known only with time.

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  1. Yes, indeed.Specially for sr. citizens like my Mother when going to the Mall & basking under the Sun is more regular! The driver on the Sanjauli-Lakkar Bazaar route is very co-operative and funny at his best!It's fun to get involved in or merely listen to the debates he initiates…imagine driving from 8 in the morn till 8 at night with only lunch break and noone to talk to!?

    The only thing is that some passengers wish to treat it like a village pick-up! This is Shimla,folks.

  2. <div align=justify>This is indeed a good gesture by the HRTC. It was originally meant for the senior citizens but has now been converted into free for all some what village pick up as Vivekji mentioned. There is quite a ruckus at Regal between 5-6.30 pm during the peak office rush. Thanks to the drivers, who make it a point the elderly are admitted first.

    Incidently, these Travera were earlier supposed to operate between Manali and Leh under Bali's tenure but due to the stiff opposition from the Manali taxi operators (read mafia) these were ultimately utilised in Shimla.</div align=justify>

  3. The hrtc taxi drivers of jakhoo route vry  vry uncooperative.. .my mother happened to  board it one day and when she was to get off driver was in such a hurry that he did not notice her getting off from rear end of the taxi..and the back of the door was about to hit my moms head..thank god she laid down avoiding major accident and mishap…taxi driver did not listen and carried off the taxi for few meters with my mom’s one foot in air and one inside…..

  4. The taxi drivers of jakhoo route vry vry uncooperative. My mother happened to board this route taxi one day…when she was to get off taxi from the rear end, the driver did not listen and carried on the way. mother had one foot in the taxi and one foot in the air…back of the door was about to hit my moms head …thank god she laid down avoiding major accident and mishap. …

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