Virbhadra Singh led Congress party wins Himachal elections



While the counting is still on for  6 constituencies, Congress, led by veteran leader Virbhadra Singh has emerged as the clear winner in the recently held Assembly elections in the state. With 34 seats won so far and lead in another 2 seats, Congress will have clear majority in the 68 member Himachal state assembly.

Virbhadra Singh, won from Shimla rural constituency with margin of 20,000 votes, thus beating rival BJP’s candidate Ishwar Rohal. Kasauli constituency saw a tough fight with BJP candidate Rajiv Saizal, winning the election beating the Congress rival by mere 24 votes. Mohan Lal Brakta (Congress) won the Rohru constituency with the highest margin of 28,415 votes.

Key persons to loose this election include Vijay Singh Mankotia (Congress), who lost from Shahpur constituency. Mr Mankotia had recently re-joined the Congress party and was finding it difficult to answer questions about switching parties and changing stand in the famous CD case. Other candidates who lost the elections include Kishan Kapoor (BJP), who was the Industries minister in the Dhumal government, Sukhvinder Sukhu (Congress), Rakesh Pathania (Independent), Ram Lal Thakur (Congress).

Some of the political heavywheights who won the elections are, Ishwar Das Dhiman (BJP), Asha Kumari (Congress), Kaul Singh (Congress), Prem Kumar Dhumal (BJP), Gulab Singh Thakur (BJP), G S Bali (Congress), Rajeev Bindal (BJP), Brij Behari Lal Butail (Congress), Suresh Bhardwaj and Vidya Stokes (Congress).

This election saw lot of infighting within Congress and BJP and it will be interesting to see how the internal dynamics of the parties shape in the coming few days. 

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